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In compliance with the Companies Act 2016, it is Mandatory for all Companies to appoint a qualified Secretary.

A Company Secretary is a professional officer of the company which also acts as an adviser for legal matters.

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Corporate Secretarial

Company Formation

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​Our Goal is to guide you on everything you need when setting up your Company.

Incorporation Package includes the following value added services: -

1. 5 Sets of Certified True Copies for:

  • Section 14

  • Section 15

  • Section 17

  • Section 58

  • Corporate Information

2. Director's Resolution:

  • First Board Resolution

  • Opening of First Bank Account

  • Allotment of Shares up to RM1,000

3. Issuance of Share Certificate(s)

4. Obtain Company Tax Number (C) and Employer's Tax     Number (E)

5. Provision of Registered Address

6. Maintenance of Company Records & Registers

7. 2 MAICSA Certified Company Secretaries

8. Three Months Retainer Fees​